There are a lot of really great kumihimo tutorials and videos on-line. Unfortunately, as my husband says, Pinterest has ruined the internet. And I sort of agree with him. As much as I like my digital boards, trying to run a Google search and getting hit after hit on Pinterest instead of the actual page is annoying.

So, here’s a quick reference on the kumihimo boards I made for the kids. I’ve been keeping one of the basic ones in my purse for my kids or bored kids I run across.


The basic board is a circle (of any size, but kids tend to like them about 5″ diameter) with eight slits. My husband used a compass and a protractor and got the slits exact. I started with 4 at each of the 90 degree angles, and then roughly cut another four in between them. You use 7 strands, leaving a blank slot.

  1. Hold the blank slot at your belly button.
  2. Count strands counter clockwise from the blank slot – 1,2,3. Move that third strand in to the blank slot.
  3. Turn the board counter clockwise so the blank slot is at your belly button.
  4. Repeat step 2.

Ta Da! I’ve had kids as young as 3-1/2 grasp this and make some headway.

Our second attempt stepped up the game.


This one requires a cheat sheet for a bit until you get the hang of it. And initial set-up requires the two pink (or whatever color you choose) be at slots d & k (where I put the hearts).


Then you go to town!


If they kids love this, I may look up a few more, but right now, this is complicated enough for our busy lives!

Kumi-what now

Kumihimo has become quite the thing round these parts. And now that we’re all stuck inside thanks to the Thomas Fire┬áhere in Santa Barbara, we’ve been upping the game.

We’ve moved from the basic circle of cardboard with 8 slots and 7 strings to a square with 12 slots and 8 strings. This makes a half round braid with a “heart” in the center. Maybe next time we’ll add beads!

So glad my sister loves doing these, too! Next year I’m dragging her to the Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Frolic!