More macarons

Time for a break. I’ve been making macarons for awhile, and while not perfect, I’ve learned a lot. I need to take a little break. Both to sit back and think & to maybe not eat macarons for a bit 😉

But first! Some violet macarons at my sister’s place.violet (6)


My niece helped make the chocolate ganache & the cherry vanilla marscapone filling. Definitely sticking with marscapone instead of buttercream. Less sweet, more cream.

violet (19)violet (15)

violet (9)

And the final batch. Some teal cookies with chocolate ganache, vanilla marscapone, & citrus marscapone.

teal (2)

teal (7)

teal (10)

These were done at 310 degrees for 20 minutes. The higher temp helped. But the first batch stuck. The second batch that went in the oven was perfect. So even with the appropriate pre-heat I should have let the oven sit a bit longer. And I need to find a non-macaron baking way to practice my piping skills.