IMG_20140803_143712162With the weather & my mood not cooperating for knitting, I’ve opted to obsess over French Macarons. I’ve made several batches with varying success, both in color, taste, and looks.



 These were supposed to be purple with a pink interior. The flavor was good, the look was ok, but the buttercream was too sweet and a bit slippery.

This batch turned out green & was actually pretty good, though I was using liquid food coloring and that’s a bit of a no no.Try2

Then there were a couple really awful attempts where I rushed the situation, forgot ingredients, changed proportions and otherwise just really screwed up.

So I looked at the recipe, did some reading, and went back to basics. This is an unflavored (except for the almond meal) cookie with a whiskey (because we had it on hand) buttercream based on one from Bicil the Baker.  

whiskey1whiskey3 whiskey2