Sewn Up

I love pockets.



As a woman, lots of clothes either don’t have pockets or have faux pockets, or have half pockets that basically serve as a great way to drop your phone in the toilet. Not having has set me entirely in love with clothes that do have pockets.

Trouble is, I’m not a great seamstress. And I only have a slight desire to learn. Still, I do want some more skirts for summer, and they better have pockets. yielded up some adorable mermaid fabrics. And I got some narwhal print as an accent. It was originally intended for the pockets but a portion of the mermaid print got used on other projects. With pockets.


After screwing up the pockets three times, I turned to the computer and looked for a tutorial on adding some. This one was amazing and just what I needed to wrap my head around those pesky pockets.


I finally finished the skirt and promptly stuck it in the closet. I haven’t had the guts to try it on and have it not fit 😦 Come July I am taking a 3 week sewing class to learn to use a serger to up my skill level a bit and make things that fit!