Turkish Bedsocks


I love the Churchmouse Yarns Turkish Bedsocks pattern. Love. With a few modifications. My favorite things about these socks are that they’re quick, they’re a fun construction, and I love wearing them to bed because they keep my toes warm but push off easily without using my hands once I’m warm enough.

But they’re not perfect. I don’t like the seaming. So I do them seamless, picking up the edge stitches. Great, seamless! I don’t like that this can leave small holes, though, particularly on the purl sides. No problem, I modified the twin stitch from the Fish Lips Kiss heels¬†(totally worth the $1 if you like socks). Great, no holes! I also generally use size 1 needles since I’m a loose knitter.

But even these, in wool, are a bit warm for summer. So I’m trying a pair in linen! I haven’t seen a lot of reviews of linen on feet. I’m using¬†Knitpicks Lindy Chain, since I’ve had it sitting on my shelf, mostly untouched, for about a year. I know that linen doesn’t have the memory of wool, so I’m going to knit them, wear them, and, likely, look at adding some elastic around the ankle. I’ll have to report back.