A little bit of Chevess in your glass

I started listening to another crazy pug lady on YouTube. The Chevyrell Podcast is so fun and her editing adds some fantastic zhwa! to the show.

Add to that, I won her giveaway! Yay. And of course I featured a pug in my prize winning photo. I can’t wait to cast on those Vanilla Reversed socks and learn a new heel.


And my drawing entry photo was of another pug. You had to enter an “heirloom” photo. And while I don’t keep a lot of things, I have kept this crochet hook case that belonged to my mother. I like truly sentimental small things, not just everything someone ever touched (which in my mother’s case would have been A LOT!). And then, of course, Georgie Girl made an appearance.


Something new

It’s been awhile since I’ve learned something new, and though the Two Ewes Fiber podcast¬†¬†KAL is already in full swing, I’m going to give it a go and see how far I get. It’s late October now and I have several projects on the needles, including finishing up a pair of fingerless mitts for the second child. (Not that she hasn’t just got socks and a sweater, but when big sister got fingerless mitts). And a hat. And a cowl. And let’s not forget my Weekender.


I picked up Vanilla Reversed¬†after hearing the Knitmore Girls repeatedly mention Vanilla is the New Black. I was THRILLED that there’s a toe-up version as I hate the fiddly bit of casting on a cuff and quite enjoy the fiddly bit of casting on a toe.

Apologies for the lack of pictures. It’s not quite 7AM.




The Brownberry Podcast¬†is hosting a “Slog Along” over on Instagram. Man. This fantastic “Granito” sweater from Joji Locatelli is fitting into that category. This has become a total project knit for me; meaning I want the finished object. I want the warm, sunny hug of this project. I want the cool grey pocket backs.

I want to be done.

I started this at the beginning of the year and I can’t guarantee it’s not going to be an 18 month project. That totally qualifies as slow fashion. Snail slow. Sloth slow. Krista slow. At least it fits into “Project Sweater Chest” from the Knitmore Girls.


Sherlock Knits – A review


As a long time fan of Arthur Conan Doyle‘s Sherlock Holmes in its many different iterations, I was excited to hear about Sherlock Knits¬†from Slate Falls Press!

Know who wasn’t? Maggie Chug & Georgie Pug. They mostly sleep through mysteries, book or television. Come to think of it, they like to sleep through my knitting, too. But having them in side-by-side beds is a bit of an accomplishment in their relationship.


Back to the matter at hand, one of the first times I heard mention of Sherlock Knits¬†was over on the Knitmore Girls podcast (always a good listen and honest reviews to boot!), who also happen to be big fans of Joanna Johnson. And I’ll admit, I, too, own Phoebe’s Sweater. So Joanna is known for good tales & sweet knits.¬†When I saw the call on her¬†Instagram to review a copy, I jumped at the opportunity.

The pattern collection, released just this month, features 10 patterns ranging from accessories to household items all the way to a full cardigan. It retails for $12.95 on Etsy or Amazon for the hard copy.

0024_medium2IMG_20161223_100213.jpgAnd, if like me, you prefer to buy single patterns instead of an entire book, each of the patterns can be purchased separately; including Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Cozy, which could be a good first steeking project for those worried about the technique (raises hand). The oranges keep reminding me of my tree out back, ready to burst; that’s a California winter.
0100_medium2.JPGMy current thought is to convince my sister that next year’s Holiday Hats should be a series of Deer Stalkers. Think she’ll buy in? The familiar, classic styling is knit in a worsted weight yarn for a relatively quick knit in one of the most unforgettable styles. I’m also working on my husband, but he’s not really a hat guy.

In addition to the patterns, there are excerpts from the Original Sherlock tomes as well as illustrations, which I understand are by Laurel Johnson, who I believe is Joanna’s daughter.

While there are no noveau fashions, the patterns all have a timeless, classic feel; something fun to knit and a good little book to hearken to a favorite classic in both literature and cinema.

B0108_medium2TW РSlate Falls is hosting a Knit-a-long for the Scotland Yard Vest featured in the book!  Houndstooth, oh my! (sorry, my review came too late for the pattern to be free. But the prizes look awesome.)

Sock Blockers

Up to this point, I haven’t been much of a sock blocker person. After I wash socks, they go in the drawer, then on my feet. And they get plenty of stretch on my US women’s size 11 feet and fluffy, but strong, ankles.

But my recent foray into the KAL craze has made me aware that some sock photos look, well, a bit flaccid.


So I headed outside & grabbed the jigsaw and some spare wood.

What what! So fun. I have a thick and thin set in my size (women’s larger), a school child size, and a toddler size. Now I want to get knitting ALL THE SOCKS.


My first sock off the needles for my double dipping on the Number 23 KAL & the Purl Bug Cable KAL.