Spinning Update

I’m continuing on in my attempts to spin different fibers. Above you can see Superwash Merino on the Dreaming Robots Electric Eel Wheel Nano 1.0. Targhee on the drop spindle. And kool aid dyed Superwash Merino with stellina from Webs on the bobbins.

I also tried Rambouillet fleece that I washed (ish) and spun on a drop spindle. Got this from the SB Fiber Arts Guild annual sale. (Had this not been this year, I was thinking of joining.)


I did a bit of shopping on Etsy. I acquired some LongWool in that weird mustard color (I was hoping for a dijon/pink/green blend. It’s not that). It’s not my favorite, though I’m glad I got to try it.

And some Corriedale, which is toothier than merino, but that color, right!

I’ll admit that the original Superwash merino from Direful Yarns is still top of my list. I’d ordered some seconds/ends and it was delightful fun.

Though now that I’m able to spin finer, I would like to try the Targhee again. It seems like a good cross between toothy/workhorse and softness.

The Ring

My two-color knitting ring from the 3D printer turned out quite useful! And, oddly, I like the weight of the little octopus, it helps the ring not slide around on my finger.

The cowl moves slowly, since it’s really two cowls.




Our heater is on the fritz. And while we’re not exactly polar vortex weather, it’s darn chilly to be hanging in our house. So we’ve had lots of blankets, lots of fireplace fires, and lots of baking to help warm our house! These are a modified Test Kitchen recipe. I threw in a banana that was going brown and used mixed berries (zapped in the food processor) instead of blueberries. Yum!

A little bit of Chevess in your glass

I started listening to another crazy pug lady on YouTube. The Chevyrell Podcast is so fun and her editing adds some fantastic zhwa! to the show.

Add to that, I won her giveaway! Yay. And of course I featured a pug in my prize winning photo. I can’t wait to cast on those Vanilla Reversed socks and learn a new heel.


And my drawing entry photo was of another pug. You had to enter an “heirloom” photo. And while I don’t keep a lot of things, I have kept this crochet hook case that belonged to my mother. I like truly sentimental small things, not just everything someone ever touched (which in my mother’s case would have been A LOT!). And then, of course, Georgie Girl made an appearance.


It has begun




It has begun! The annual “making of the holiday hats.” We’re up to 8 at the moment. 2, 4, 5, 5, 7, 7, 10, 12.

I have the feeling that certain youngsters are going to be out-growing the tradition, so maybe next year’s will see a decrease in production.

I’m starting this year by making the 8 hats, then I’ll do the embellishments – 16 eyes, 16 iris, 16 tassels, 8 beaks.


I don’t usually feel cool. I mean, I’m not cool. I’ve never been cool. But when I DO, I feel cool. And this past weekend’s adventures to help decorate a fundraiser with some photo props left me feeling really cool.

First we have to draw the shapes. We borrow a projector to put the image on the wood. This is destined to become a 1920s “paper moon” photo prop.





Colette Moneta


I started by ordering the downloadable Colette Moneta pattern before heading off to buy fabric. Since I’m a pretty straight forward XL and I’m doing version 1, minus the collar, I printed all 40 sheets. Next time I’ll print sheet 1 to check printer settings, but I’d leave off 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, 27, 31, 34, 35, 39, 40. I realize that’s only 11 sheets of paper, but that’s still 11 sheets of paper!

One idea I have for this is hacking it a bit and using a different top and bottom fabric. Nothing as out of the box as this Wrenata hack, though. (BTW, even the founder of Cashmerette loves the Moneta, which is what really swayed me to this pattern.)

I made a similar dress for my daughter. I love the super heroines! & I’ve got super helpers.


Sergers are messy, but man, I love using it for knits way better than I do the sewing machine.IMG_20170625_103120908

One of my favorite carry-overs from knitting is that I can “read” which is the right and which is the wrong side of my knit fabrics.


This turned out…ok. THe extra 6″ would have been great on a top. In fact, I’m thinking I need a tank or two like this. But it’s just…ok.

So I went back and hacked the skirt. Chopped the top, re-did the pockets (still crap).


And added a belt! It’s basically a tank dress. And, ideally, the skirt would maybe be a little wider since it doesn’t have a lot of give, but I like it and I’ll wear it. And I totally like the belt addition and will be using it on my next one. And making the pockets way bigger.

BTW, it turns out I thought that ironing/pressing was one of my less favorite sewing activities. Trying things on over and over? Way worse.