Shiver Puppy


When you have an adorable half chihuahua dog that shivers, you knit it a sweater in an evening.

Unfortunately I forgot that the other half was pug. And this little cutie is more a frankendog than a blend. She’s got pug ears on a chihuahua head on a pug body on chihuahua legs. The only blend is her tail. When she’s truly happy, like on a hike, it almost goes full pug.IMG_20170101_083523.jpg

Because of her franken body and the nature of knitwear, I should have made the collar much smaller and even the body hangs a bit low on her after a few hours of wear.

Sherlock Knits – A review


As a long time fan of Arthur Conan Doyle‘s Sherlock Holmes in its many different iterations, I was excited to hear about Sherlock Knits from Slate Falls Press!

Know who wasn’t? Maggie Chug & Georgie Pug. They mostly sleep through mysteries, book or television. Come to think of it, they like to sleep through my knitting, too. But having them in side-by-side beds is a bit of an accomplishment in their relationship.


Back to the matter at hand, one of the first times I heard mention of Sherlock Knits was over on the Knitmore Girls podcast (always a good listen and honest reviews to boot!), who also happen to be big fans of Joanna Johnson. And I’ll admit, I, too, own Phoebe’s Sweater. So Joanna is known for good tales & sweet knits. When I saw the call on her Instagram to review a copy, I jumped at the opportunity.

The pattern collection, released just this month, features 10 patterns ranging from accessories to household items all the way to a full cardigan. It retails for $12.95 on Etsy or Amazon for the hard copy.

0024_medium2IMG_20161223_100213.jpgAnd, if like me, you prefer to buy single patterns instead of an entire book, each of the patterns can be purchased separately; including Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Cozy, which could be a good first steeking project for those worried about the technique (raises hand). The oranges keep reminding me of my tree out back, ready to burst; that’s a California winter.
0100_medium2.JPGMy current thought is to convince my sister that next year’s Holiday Hats should be a series of Deer Stalkers. Think she’ll buy in? The familiar, classic styling is knit in a worsted weight yarn for a relatively quick knit in one of the most unforgettable styles. I’m also working on my husband, but he’s not really a hat guy.

In addition to the patterns, there are excerpts from the Original Sherlock tomes as well as illustrations, which I understand are by Laurel Johnson, who I believe is Joanna’s daughter.

While there are no noveau fashions, the patterns all have a timeless, classic feel; something fun to knit and a good little book to hearken to a favorite classic in both literature and cinema.

B0108_medium2TW – Slate Falls is hosting a Knit-a-long for the Scotland Yard Vest featured in the book!  Houndstooth, oh my! (sorry, my review came too late for the pattern to be free. But the prizes look awesome.)

A Kool Way to Dye

Like a lot of sock knitters, I have the odd ball of bits and pieces left over. You wouldn’t think so considering I wear a US women’s 11, but I favor short socks. I love Monster Socks, basically mix up the colors any way you like. There are patterns written just to help you use up leftovers!

The Monster group I follow kept suggesting the LOSY  hat pattern. And I thought, why not!


I wasn’t sure at first. But the white, pink, red, brown started to grow on me and reminded me of peppermint bark.


But then I blocked it and it bled, of course. Bleh. It looked terrible


So I bought 3 kool aid packets in Cherry, boiled up some water, and dunked the hat.


It gently boiled away for a few minutes.


And the resulting color was really gorgeous!


Unfortunately the hat was made with superwash wool that was totally de-sproinged and the hat was HUGE. I’m trying to figure out what to do with the yarn.

Slow Fashion October

Fringe Association is hosting Slow Fashion October

.With the notion of “mend and make-do” and repairing your own clothes, I pulled out my darning needle and some embroidery thread to repair some new and growing holes and threadbare spots on my favorite jeans. I also realized I need a small loop for next time.

Thanks to Maggie Chug & Georgie Pug for their modelling skills of my handiwork.

Knittin’ Little

Over the summer I got to review a collection by the group Knittin’ Little. I was certain I was going to cast on the whale hat. It’s adorable! But when I tried, the yarn just wasn’t having it.

Instead I cast on for the Summer Sunset. I had some appropriate yarn in my stash that wasn’t a color I would wear…but also was a bit bland. So I gently boiled it with some Kool-Aid and ended up with a nice tonal yarn.

A little winding and I had it ready to cast on.

The knitting was pretty straight forward. I opted to omit the lace on the front of the tank. And my first time connecting the “sleeves” to the body got twisted and I had to rip out. But it’s a pretty smooth, easy knit.

And it grew pretty quickly.

And went for a bath and then got laid flat to dry. I wove in the ends pre-soak but didn’t attach the buttons.


Et voila!

I used this to participate in the Knittin’ Little Summer KAL and won a prize! I’ve sent off my address and am awaiting my yarn 🙂

Hello, BlogHer!!!


Today’s post is coming at you from the past! As of 5AM I am driving down to Los Angeles and the JW Marriot Live to attend the 2016 BlogHer Convention: Experts Among Us!

Hello, fellow bloggers, thanks for checking me out!

My name is Krista & I have been a crocheter since 6, a knitter since my late 20s, and have recently taken up some scroll sawing. I also occasionally pull out my sewing machine, fire up the oven, or look up fun ideas on pinterest.

I have two pugs and a chug who often appear in my photos for my different crafts.

Leroy, the male fawn pug, is my 13-1/2 year old “grumpy old man” and is the opposite of everything a pug should be. He’s anti-social, demanding, and independent. He’s my heart walking around in dog form.

George is my female black pug. She’s 8-1/2 and starting to slow down. But she is the original velcro pug. Sweet, docile, but going blind and stubborn as heck.

And we just added Maggie. She’s half pug/half chihuahua, all puppy. As of 3 months she is velcro like a pug, and does the “hearts shooting out of her eyes” at her people like a pug, but mostly looks like a short, black chihuahua. We adopted Maggie through Central Coast Pug Rescue this year after looking for a third pug for several years.

Most of my knitting is hats and socks and shawls as we live on the central coast of California and it’s not exactly winter here, ever.

I like my hats simple but interesting, my socks on double point needles, and my shawls long but thin (a glorified scarf). I prefer to work on fingering weight yarn except for children’s hats, which are generally worsted. I usually knit for myself or my loved ones, only occasionally taking on a request or commission.

I do, sometimes, work on sweaters and blankets. I’m still hashing out the fit of sweaters and prefer to crochet blankets as it goes faster.

& I like to talk about “knitting adjacent” activities like baking, wood, or sewing.

You can find me on Ravelry (if you do fiber craft and haven’t discovered Ravelry for forums and pattern database, you are in for a real treat!), Instagram, and Twitter as knitonepugtwo.

& if you’re a fan of stitch markers, or even just pins, I’m bringing some with me to give away!


Maggie is modelling. The finished object is double sided on a little pin.