The sewing continues


More sewing with free stuff (or semi-free, re-used stuff). The top is some cream jersey I got in a free bag from a NextDoor neighbor. The bottom is a sheet that I loved but that never fit even though it was “fitted.” This adorable pattern was on pinterest and I’m really loving the LBG website. I need to add it to my Feedly so I can see the updates.

I used the serger for everything but the pockets, I just don’t have the same control on it as I do on the sewing machine. So I sewed the pocket pieces together a little neater. Of course, neither of my children wants it. Thank goodness my sister has a girl about the same age.

Practical Sewing

“We” have been fixing up a 1965 Field & Stream Travel Trailer for awhile now. I saw “we” because my husband has been doing most of the heavy lifting, I do decision making and holding things. But we’ve reached the phase where some of the interior and soft pieces need work, so I took apart the dinette couches and, using scraps and an old sheet, I attempted to put the covers back together.

Not too shabby! I need to spend a little time tightening up my seam allowance. But passable. And the edges will look neater once I get the serger back up and running.

Knitting Adjacent

We took an old umbrella stand and cut it into 1/4″ wide discs. Then sanded down the edges and drilled holes in random locations. Next step will be taking embroidery thread (similar to yarn, right?!) and sewing some simple designs. We’ll add loops and hopefully these will become fabulous pendants!

I’ve seen this wood embroidery on Pinterest with some beautiful layouts, but random seems the speed right now. I’ll update on how they turn out at the end of the week.