The sewing continues


More sewing with free stuff (or semi-free, re-used stuff). The top is some cream jersey I got in a free bag from a NextDoor neighbor. The bottom is a sheet that I loved but that never fit even though it was “fitted.” This adorable pattern was on pinterest and I’m really loving the LBG website. I need to add it to my Feedly so I can see the updates.

I used the serger for everything but the pockets, I just don’t have the same control on it as I do on the sewing machine. So I sewed the pocket pieces together a little neater. Of course, neither of my children wants it. Thank goodness my sister has a girl about the same age.

Macy Cowl

Sinclair Patterns put out a call for testers for a new cowl neck tank. I’m a recent Instagram follower of the brand and was all over the chance to try a new pattern on my serger. Plus, tank means no sleeves, woot.


I thought I had enough black to make a cool evening tank. Unfortunately, it turns out I overestimated the amount of jersey in large pieces. But! I had grey & black in similar weights. And ta-da! A color blocked tank was born.


I love the neckline, and it has its own lining, which is pretty sharp. There’s binding on the back of the sleeves and neck but not the front, because of said lining. And despite instructions, I wanted to use my serger for EVERYTHING. And I managed it for all but the bottom hem. I also lengthened the pattern, though I probably didn’t need the 5″, closer to 2″; the pattern was designed for someone 5’6″ or under.

I’m definitely thinking about making this in a brighter color. My wardrobe is getting a little “Queen Victoria”-esque, post Albert.

Oh! And I realized that being able to read my own knitting makes it way easier to tell the “wrong” side of jersey from the “right”. I can also tell that I sewed the black sideways. Oops.

Serge On

Pulled out my serger and decided to just go for it. After all, the fabric was free from a friend. I found the slouchy tee from It’s Always Autumn and decided not to waffle. The fabric is…not me. But the cut of the shirt is pretty cute and comfy. My plan is to use some bird fabric from that I bought for the final product. I just need to edit the collar a bit, it flops around a little.



In the on-going trend towards mending things instead of tossing them, I decided to put some new, spiffier! buttons on to some crop pants I wear quite often (despite the un-flatteringness of the larger pair).

Since only one button was missing, I started with that button. There are 6 buttons on these pants.

For now, though, I’m sticking with the back two in green.


As wrinkly as they are, these are the better looking of the pair when on 😉 They’re full length and then the bottoms roll up into capri-ish length. I also repaired the grey pair with pink buttons.

May 4

Quickly, before it’s over:


May the Fourth be with you 😉

I fashioned this “punk rock Star Wars” shirt from a toddler shirt and a tank that was destined for the rag pile. Best work ever? No.

10 minute project to satisfy a completely silly “holiday”? Check!


Sewing for Trailers

My husband and I (really my husband, I hold things and make decisions) have been renovating a 1965 Field and Stream Travel Trailer. After 2 years, we’re getting close. The walls are up, the windows are going in. So some of the pretty touches get to go in. That meant some of this weekend has been spent sewing up curtains.

I had help.


Really, they are just big rectangles with a channel for the rod or spring to hold it up.


But they look darn schnazzy in the trailer.IMG_20160904_150918

Practical Sewing

“We” have been fixing up a 1965 Field & Stream Travel Trailer for awhile now. I saw “we” because my husband has been doing most of the heavy lifting, I do decision making and holding things. But we’ve reached the phase where some of the interior and soft pieces need work, so I took apart the dinette couches and, using scraps and an old sheet, I attempted to put the covers back together.

Not too shabby! I need to spend a little time tightening up my seam allowance. But passable. And the edges will look neater once I get the serger back up and running.