Oh no! No no no.

Over the summer I finished my Campside Shawl. And I loved it. Love the color, loved the eyelets. Loved loved loved.

Unfortunately, the yarn was given to me. And it wasn’t superwash. But I’d repeatedly heard “You need heat and friction to felt something.” And the shawl got soaked and smelled terrible. So I put it in the wash. You see where this is going.


Need to find new, superwash, dk yarn.


One of the difficulties of my laissez faire attitude about my knitting projects is that now that Santa Barbara is having an actual cold “winter” I am looking a little bit crazy with my mis-matched patterns and colors. I’d like to remedy this. I don’t want to be matchy-matchy but a little “go,” a little coordination might go a long way to making me look eccentric instead of wacko.

Step 1 is identifying the problem. Step 2 is going to be looking at the yarn I have and can easily acquire. And Step 3 will be making head/neck-wear that will go with the opposite.

A little too relaxed

Around here we’ve dubbed this “The Summer of Suck.” Nothing major has gone down, yet. But it’s been one straw after another and the camel is looking pretty fatigued. BlogHer helped me feel a little better about the onslaught, but the kicks just keep on coming in the form of earaches colds, poop, and things breaking.

School starts next week and I’ve been doing a bit of coasting in life. Going along with other people’s plans and just trying to make it through.

But BlogHer did repair some of my knitting mojo! Before I left I’d frogged everything I tried. And I didn’t knit a stitch while I was at the event. Since returning, though, I’ve made progress every day on my Doodler shawl by Stephen West. It’s a pattern with three (or more) colors that I’ve admired since the first finished object popped up (it was originally a mystery KAL).


The four colors I had to choose from

I’ve been pretty monotonous, I mean monogamous, with this project, which doesn’t make for great blogging but has made for a calmer me.


Boring the chug


Watching the She’s Crafty Videocast



Watching Cupcake Wars


Watching knitting on Slow Tv

Colorful Shawl


I purchased some Knitted Wit sock yarn in a grab bag, which means I didn’t get to pick (you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!). That’s ok, I got more yarn for the dollar (yftd ;-)! This yarn is lovely but a LOT more colorful/variegated than I’d normally choose. i knew I wanted a bit more exposure than socks provide, so I tried a Reyna shawl several times – the yarn wanted nothing to do with it. So I switched it up for something similar, the Be Simple.



The yarn’s happy. I’m happy. It’s growing like gangbusters. And the super colorful shawl/scarf should be the perfect air conditioning accent for the mostly black & grey outfits I’m planning on packing (& sewing!) for BlogHer16.



Come August I am packing my knitting needles & heading down to Los Angeles for BlogHer16! I’ve never been before and am so, so excited. I’ll be meeting up with friends, including YaYaYaReads & Fourthbreakfast.

But what to pack?! Obviously a sock project. And I need to find a knit or two to wear that won’t mess up my hair, so probably a scarf that I can take off if I get warm or drape across my lap if I’m cool, plus it’ll scrunch in to a purse without too much fuss. But do I have time to knit a new one?! And should it be from stash or new, I’m sure Loop & Leaf has something awesome.

And of course I’m going to use the Ravelry feature under Yarns that will let you plan a road trip from yarn shop to yarn shop. I may not visit those, but I can look. And of theĀ 4 yarn shops within 2 miles of the hotel, not including the Yarnover Truck, which may or may not be near at the actual event, I’d like to try and visit Gather. Looks like it’s just over a mile. Could be a nice walk if I need a break from the conference.