Sock Knitting Mojo

As I continue to slog through my Granito sweater by Joji Locatelli, I’ve started dream knitting some socks. And I looked at some of my favorites to get ideas of what I should be knitting, when the mojo comes back.


Notice they are all ankle socks.

Starting with the rainbow pair at top, I like the round heel.

I like the sibling/not identical’ness and the pink/green combo.

I love the Star Wars reference.

The fit and sibling-ness of this pair is amazing. Plus, I love the Kroy I used in the one sock.

The cable on this purple pair is just enough to mix up the vanilla.

Again, green and pink, plus sibling-ness.

Not shown are my pair of Opal socks that I’ve darned a number of times. Those were my first socks knit on 0’s and used the Fish Lips Kiss heel. So many good things to try and incorporate in my next socks. For me!


Socks on the Go

All summer I’ve had some tube socks on the go for my 4 year old. This is leftover yarn. Or yarn that was intended for something else. Or perhaps it was yarn that got used and frogged. I honestly can’t remember. But now it’s tube socks. Because yarn is good at eventually telling you what it wants to be.

Drop it while it’s hot

I’m working on some cabled socks for the #10KstitchesKAL7 (cables or blue). I do mostly stockinette these days, not only does my wonky sleep schedule lend itself to that, but I also wear mostly stockinette. But I grabbed a cable from New Stitch a Day & cast on. And now I’ve perfected my dropping back for mis-crossed cables. Blech. I mean, yay for new skills, but after the first three times, I really didn’t need more practice.

BTW – modifying the cable for in the round looks like this:

Row 1 (Right side) K2, C4F
Row 2 knit 6
Row 3 C4B, K2
Row 4 knit 6
Repeat rows 1-4 until you reach your desired length.

Yarn Expansion

I use a lot of Knitpicks yarns on my projects. It’s super affordable and has some really great color options. But I’ve been trying to expand my yarn use a bit.


I ordered some mini skeins from Knitty & Color in order to make my first Christmas Socks. I’m using the red as the toes, and hopefully either heels or bind off, and the two different colors for a “naught & nice” pair of socks for next year.img_20161219_201908

Also during the holidays, i finished my second socks from Havirland‘s Droid set. Love.IMG_20161213_183702.jpg

And thanks to Knittin’ Little, I’ll be turning this fabulous skein of yarn from Magpie Fibers Swanky Sock in Rhinestone Cowboy into, well, into something 🙂

img_20161130_162910-1And last, but not least, I won a fabulous skein of yarn from Woolfiend on Instagram that I’m super excited about.


Here’s to fantastic new yarn tasting in the New Year!

Getting Ready for BlogHer

While getting ready for BlogHer, there have been several Instagram challenges with prompts. Here’s the summary of the ones I participated in.






#experts , & I wrote “Not loving the #experts prompt from @blogher , kind of feel like my #impostersyndrome is creeping up. I have so much left to learn, even in the things I’m good at and that I love doing. #knitting #color #yarn #blogher16



#knowme #pug #knitting #socks #kindle #glasses #nerd






Glasses for socks

People on ravelry often talk about what they’ll trade for knitting time. Often it is “if you’ll clean my house, I’ll knit you that sweater.” And that seems unbalanced to me. Unless someone really enjoys scrubbing houses, or perhaps enjoys handknit socks more than they dislike scrubbing houses. Because while knitting is a skill, it is also one a lot of us do happily. I always found it more, for lack of a better term, fair, to trade another craft/art/something someone enjoys doing. Like a painting, a sculpture, a well turned wood nostepinne or ceramic bowl.

Lucky for me, my girlfriend agreed. This time I didn’t trade for her artistic talents, she makes beautiful glass beads, but for her more well-traveled life. She was heading to Switzerland to visit family and I asked for Nutella in a decorative glass in exchange for a pair of socks. We have one such glass from when my sister & her husband did a big European tour and it is the prized drinking glass, the one every fights over. A glass, not even a handmade one, may seem like a small prize in comparison to the hours in a sock, but I figure the distance traveled made up for the discrepancy.

Unfortunately for me, Nutella is now using plastic jars. But my girlfriend rocked it and found, as she said, “a very Swiss” pattern on a pair of Dijon Mustard jars. Not only are the jars adorable, but the mustard is good, too! Now that’s what I call a fair trade.

Anyone else got some trade-able skills want a pair of handknit, custom socks or hat? For now the only ones for others on my docket are likely to be donated to the kids’ school.IMG_20160722_131211.jpg