Curly tail


A little sock knitting for my most picky Miss and a curly tail. Sunday knitting round and round with little stress.


After all that discussion about the heel and my unhappiness paying for it, I still had to do some duplicate stitching to make the heel work neatly. And I tried twice!

Pattern Dissapointment

As the Prairie Girls mentioned in a recent podcast, I definitely consider myself a capital-K knitter. I’ve done sweaters, hats, socks, cowls, shawls. There’s not much I haven’t at least looked in to – double knitting, brioche, lace (I’m not good, but I can do it). I can do different cast-ons, cast-offs. I’m pretty confident both in my style, Eastern European, and my ability to figure it out (eventually).

But I know there’s still a lot to learn. And while I really love knitting socks, I do get holes around the heel. I usually just duplicate stitch it closed and I’m off to the races. But a well known designer, who I still adore, released an afterthought heel, one of my favorites, promising no holes. I waited, hemmed, hawed, but finally bought the pattern.

And I was totally confused by her directions!

Until I followed a video she linked to. And it’s not even her video!!! It’s from another designer/knitter. And her trick, which Knitting Pipeline also ascribes to someone else, totally makes sense to eliminate the holes from socks.

I’m pretty disappointed in the paid for pattern that actually had to be explained by a free video tutorial. Don’t get me wrong. The pattern is lovely, thought out, and thorough. But already knowing afterthought heels and just looking for this one tip, yeah, totally unhappy with my purchase.

On the plus side, if this works, I’ll be trying this pick up for heels in the future in all sorts of applications.

Have you been dissapointed by any pattern purchases? I’m not going to make a huge stink this time, and I would probably buy something from her again, but I’m gonna be more cautious, for sure.

Sock Knitting Mojo

As I continue to slog through my Granito sweater by Joji Locatelli, I’ve started dream knitting some socks. And I looked at some of my favorites to get ideas of what I should be knitting, when the mojo comes back.


Notice they are all ankle socks.

Starting with the rainbow pair at top, I like the round heel.

I like the sibling/not identical’ness and the pink/green combo.

I love the Star Wars reference.

The fit and sibling-ness of this pair is amazing. Plus, I love the Kroy I used in the one sock.

The cable on this purple pair is just enough to mix up the vanilla.

Again, green and pink, plus sibling-ness.

Not shown are my pair of Opal socks that I’ve darned a number of times. Those were my first socks knit on 0’s and used the Fish Lips Kiss heel. So many good things to try and incorporate in my next socks. For me!

Drop it while it’s hot

I’m working on some cabled socks for the #10KstitchesKAL7 (cables or blue). I do mostly stockinette these days, not only does my wonky sleep schedule lend itself to that, but I also wear mostly stockinette. But I grabbed a cable from New Stitch a Day & cast on. And now I’ve perfected my dropping back for mis-crossed cables. Blech. I mean, yay for new skills, but after the first three times, I really didn’t need more practice.

BTW – modifying the cable for in the round looks like this:

Row 1 (Right side) K2, C4F
Row 2 knit 6
Row 3 C4B, K2
Row 4 knit 6
Repeat rows 1-4 until you reach your desired length.