Change of Pace

IMG_20190816_064920I took some time away from the blog for some summer revelry and relaxation. And then I decided to try something new! I’m designing. For dolls. At least for now. The dolls are one size, my kids can get involved, and the projects are quick enough that I can knit a couple samples.

My first pattern, Ribbed Doll Sweater, is live on Ravelry!




I’m using knitonepugtwo designs for my shop name. I realize doll sweaters have a limited audience, but they’re a great intro to sweaters and a learning experience on construction.

This pattern was only tested by me. But I’ve got another in the works with a tester. And I’m hoping to release two at the beginning of September! And I’m working on something for both a child and their doll!

I’m also trying to add helpful tips to my designs, things a beginning knitter might not think about. Like using VERY different types of markers when knitting lace.


I’m also using links in the pattern, should you download it as a pdf, so it’s easy to understand terms like “back join.”


Let me know if you’ve taken a look at my pattern or are interested in test knitting!

Mini Sweater #3

Mini sweater #3 is a top down raglan with a v-neck. I used scraps from my stash that I acquired after my aunt’s passing. I hope she’s looking down and smiling. I shortened the sleeves since I wanted the stripes to at least somewhat match up and I was running out of yarn. But my model Maddy doesn’t seem to mind. Plus, with all the Santa Barbara weather, it’s not like she needs too many full length sweaters.

I’m really excited about sweater #4, the steeking one!

Mini Sweater Challenge #2

I started the second sweater of the Mini Sweater Challenge. This time I went with a superwash wool in sock weight, specifically leftover yarns. This one is a top down, turtleneck with fair isle (I think).


I think if I did it again, I’d use a solid instead of a lovely variegated. Much as I love the variegated yarn, it sort of gets muddled in the sea of yellow in the sweater.

Still, Green Panda (his eyes, not his self) seems to like it well enough. Thank goodness knitting stretches and that toys don’t complain when you pull stuff over their head.


Sweater Prep


I took some measurements for my Carbeth Cardigan! It’s supposed to have 4″ of positive ease, but well, no. I have a sweatshirt hand-me-down that is between 4 & 6″ positive ease and I just don’t like the way it fits. It’s not “cute slouchy” it’s sloppy-ugly slouchy.


De-pill, De-pill!

Remember my great green sweater?


It’s far from perfect, but I’d like to knit it again, a smaller size, a tighter gauge. Right now it’s a housecoat and I bundle up in it in the evenings when it’s chilly in Santa Barbara. Chilly in Santa Barbara is anything below 68 if you’re a local. And too hot? That happens at 73. Spoiled?

Because it gets worn, and worn hard since I have two kids, two dogs, and a house, it’s covered in pills. For years I’ve used a Windmere Sweater Shaver. And by years, I’m talking 15+ since my little tool pre-dates my husband. It works pretty well, but it’s slow and you have to have the technique down: small circles, about 2″ in diameter in a back and forth pattern will generally get you where you want to go with the sweater looking almost new again.


The new player on the field is a Gleener. I’ve heard it buzzing about the knit-sphere. No battery, elbow grease power. But supposedly the best thing since the knit stitch.

Pre-Gleen. Lots of pills.


Post Gleener you can see it’s removed a lot of the bigger stuff. But there’s still a haze on the fabric. There is a finer Gleener head, I’ve played with it but not officially. (that lovely half button is thanks to the puppy. She’s a chewer.)


The big pils is Gleener. The smaller is the Windmere going over afterwards. The Gleener is definitely faster for large area pill removal. For fine work, I’m leaning towards the sweater shaver. It takes batteries and is slower, but the fabric actually looks like new not just de-pilled.img_20170106_095508

Do I like the Gleener? Yes. And I’m going to keep trying it out. But I’m not going to be tossing my trusty sweater shaver.

Soon to come


I want to be a sweater knitter. I’m not scared of the number of stitches, I’ve even made a few. But none have been just right. Too big, too floppy, not nicely finished, etc.

So I’m trying again. Because that’s what we do. And each one has gotten slightly better, so it’s coming.

This time I’m trying Granito by Joji Locatelli. I wanted to try a pullover, but I’m sticking with fingering weight since I do live in Southern California. I wanted something with a shoulder seam. But I do still love top down.

And pockets!

The pink yarn is not what the sweater will be out of. But it’s the same Knitpicks Stroll. I have 4 skeins in a golden yellow. And I’m planning grey accents. Wish me luck! You can see I’m being a good knitter and swatching. I’m doing 3s and 4s, the pattern calls for 4s. And since I’ll be doing knitwear laundry today or tomorrow, the timing is perfect.

Shiver Puppy


When you have an adorable half chihuahua dog that shivers, you knit it a sweater in an evening.

Unfortunately I forgot that the other half was pug. And this little cutie is more a frankendog than a blend. She’s got pug ears on a chihuahua head on a pug body on chihuahua legs. The only blend is her tail. When she’s truly happy, like on a hike, it almost goes full pug.IMG_20170101_083523.jpg

Because of her franken body and the nature of knitwear, I should have made the collar much smaller and even the body hangs a bit low on her after a few hours of wear.

Knittin’ Little

Over the summer I got to review a collection by the group Knittin’ Little. I was certain I was going to cast on the whale hat. It’s adorable! But when I tried, the yarn just wasn’t having it.

Instead I cast on for the Summer Sunset. I had some appropriate yarn in my stash that wasn’t a color I would wear…but also was a bit bland. So I gently boiled it with some Kool-Aid and ended up with a nice tonal yarn.

A little winding and I had it ready to cast on.

The knitting was pretty straight forward. I opted to omit the lace on the front of the tank. And my first time connecting the “sleeves” to the body got twisted and I had to rip out. But it’s a pretty smooth, easy knit.

And it grew pretty quickly.

And went for a bath and then got laid flat to dry. I wove in the ends pre-soak but didn’t attach the buttons.


Et voila!

I used this to participate in the Knittin’ Little Summer KAL and won a prize! I’ve sent off my address and am awaiting my yarn 🙂