Yarn Pop!

A bit over a year ago, I won some Yarn Pop Bags on a Facebook giveaway they held. I’d admired these bags for awhile. Made in the USA, they have some really nice features, like a light interior so you can see into the bag, big zippers that don’t get kinked, and really fun fabrics. I was thrilled to receive my bags (they no longer have the blue design on mine).


So when they put a call out on Instagram  to see if anyone would like to do  a fun video or two showcasing what we use the bags for, I thought, “Cool! A bit of cross promotion and I get to see if videos are a place I want to be.”

Here are some of the unedited videos. I’ll put the final edit that Yarn Pop made in another post.

Soon to come


I want to be a sweater knitter. I’m not scared of the number of stitches, I’ve even made a few. But none have been just right. Too big, too floppy, not nicely finished, etc.

So I’m trying again. Because that’s what we do. And each one has gotten slightly better, so it’s coming.

This time I’m trying Granito by Joji Locatelli. I wanted to try a pullover, but I’m sticking with fingering weight since I do live in Southern California. I wanted something with a shoulder seam. But I do still love top down.

And pockets!

The pink yarn is not what the sweater will be out of. But it’s the same Knitpicks Stroll. I have 4 skeins in a golden yellow. And I’m planning grey accents. Wish me luck! You can see I’m being a good knitter and swatching. I’m doing 3s and 4s, the pattern calls for 4s. And since I’ll be doing knitwear laundry today or tomorrow, the timing is perfect.

Scroll Saw Practice

Got in a bit more scroll saw practice over the weekend. Some things turned out better than others. The Octopus, which I loved, got done three times, and each kept losing legs despite the last one being bigger. The wood, poplar, was just not strong enough. I’d like to keep trying but I’ll need to find stronger wood.

The hummingbirds turned out fantastic and I love them both. The narwhal, well, there were two until I knocked the “horn” off one. And the round ones are ok but sort of boring. I think they may need to be bigger for the impact I want.

And the elephant is adorable, but who wears an elephant necklace? And did you see that tiny hedgehog?

I would like to work up a few more designs in my quest for gifts for some nearest, dearest, and nearby friends 😉 I’m thinking I need a sheep outline & a space shuttle outline. And a cat. The chevrons still need a ton of work. STRAIGHT LINES!

I also need to consider going smaller in an attempt to make some progress keepers for knitting.

It wasn’t all wood, though. I got to wind a bit of yarn from Knitted Wit. This was a grab bag selection, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” So there were a number of knots. The socks are knitting up nicely, though. I’m trying lace again; these are destined to be modified River Seine socks. I’m going to do them toe up with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I may throw in an alternate color for the heel from some scrap yarn.


Someone on Instagram mentioned wanting to see more about my tools after I posted a picture about my hated locking stitch markers. They’re terrible. Every second or third one breaks as I try to lock it. And the colors are lame. I thought that would be a great tag for the blog and some posts!

You can just see some of the hated locking stich markers here. This project was also bumming me out because of the melange of stitch markers. You see, I love the idea of fancy stitch markers. And I do often like a small fancy one for the start of the row, particularly if I’m going to use multiple markers; I want one fancy and the rest plain. And by plain I mean jump, not split, jump rings. I’ve been using, I think, 12mm.IMG_20160503_140411863

I picked up some 10mm at Michael’s this morning. Now I feel better about this project.IMG_20160505_131339154

I will also say that I’m not completely opposed to fancy progress keepers, though I’ve only recently come around to using them.

So that’s my bit on stitch markers. Despite having made a few beaded ones, and contemplated some fancy ones with wood, I usually prefer plain jump rings. Though I hear there are anodized jump rings.