Sewing for Trailers

My husband and I (really my husband, I hold things and make decisions) have been renovating a 1965 Field and Stream Travel Trailer. After 2 years, we’re getting close. The walls are up, the windows are going in. So some of the pretty touches get to go in. That meant some of this weekend has been spent sewing up curtains.

I had help.


Really, they are just big rectangles with a channel for the rod or spring to hold it up.


But they look darn schnazzy in the trailer.IMG_20160904_150918

Pismo Vintage Trailer Rally & a Chug


I knit some of a toddler sock on the way up to Pismo Beach from Santa Barbara for the Pismo Vintage Trailer Rally. We have a 1965 Field & Stream Travel Trailer that we are renovating, so I’m calling Trailer Rallies hobby stuff.

I like how small some of them are! I prefer the smaller 10-15′ trailers to the 20+ versions.

And then on the way home we stopped at the foster mom from Central Coast Pug Rescue and adopted a Chug/Pughuaua (pug + Chihuahua).


She’s about 10 weeks old and seems to be fitting in fine. We’ve dubbed her “Maggie Rose.”