Katie Mitts

This yarn, from Fable Fibers, has been in my stash for awhile – deep stash from Januray 2013, if Ravelry is to be believed. It’s really beautiful yarn, it may look orangey-red from afar but knit up you can see the yellows, teals, purples. But I could not get it to work on a project. It was worked up as a sock on size 1s. It was part of a colorwork sock on 0s. And both projects had to be frogged. So it just sat on my shelf, staring at me. Until I thought, maybe not a sock? And since I’d been wanting to do a little something for one of the girls who watches my kids at the gym, I decided on mitts. And they FLEW! It was amazing after so long how quickly these came off the needles.

I ran out of wool wash so I just soaked them in water & vinegar in the kitchen. My husband commented that he can no longer walk into the kitchen and easily determine if something is to be worn or to be eaten. To be fair (to me) he stole back the catering pan I was using the wash things in the garage. Also, I’m a terrible cook and he never eats my food anyway ;-P