Exciting Weekend

We recently had a really exciting weekend (exciting for us, and also relative to all of March and the horrible Influenza A we got despite all having our annual flu shots. And yes, we will continue to get flu shots).

Our family  has been working on restoring a 1965 Field & Stream Camper Trailer. we purchased it two years ago on slightly more than a whim. And since then it has resided in more or less pieces in the drive & garage. And we only have a one car garage.

How, though, does this relate to fiber arts? For one, it’s back together enough that I can now craft at the dinette table. It’s like a little clubhouse in the front yard. That little scramble of a project is the start of a Boo the Bat inspired stuffy for the Legacy Knitz Podcast Stuffy KAL. I’m going to do two, as they are pretty small. And one shall go into my gift box for the 12 Months to Christmas KAL for the Down Cellar Studios Podcast.


And, two, because my job is holding & pushing & more holding, I’m sore in places I didn’t know you could be sore, which makes it hard to knit or crochet!IMG_20160402_095150239_HDR

But wait! There’s more! I also received an awesome prize from YarnPop! I entered a giveaway on Facebook (blech, Facebook) and won. Quite a surprise, especially considering HOW MUCH I won.

And you know what looks good in a vintage camper trailer? A Yarn Pop bag filled with your husband’s black sweater. Yup.