I’m continuing to have a great time with my scroll saw, learning woods, learning control. I’m also practicing staining. This whale, which my sister is modelling, is from eucalyptus salvaged from the floor in our house& then stained with a dark finish that my husband had left over from a project.

In addition to the eucalyptus from the floor & the redwood from the ceiling, I’ve been practicing with pine from the trailer. I have purchased some poplar (meh, won’t use again), alder, and Mahogany from Home Depot.


And finally, I’m playing a bit with the stains as well as watered down acrylic paints.

Scroll Saw Sisters

Took a little time away from reality to show my “baby” sister how to use the scroll saw, sander, and drill press so she could make some of her own jewelry.


While it took a bit longer than the “jump right in and have it mastered” than she thought it would, she did really well moving the piece around and getting some nice, even shapes.



Scroll sawing like a girl!


A little bit of stain and there are┬ásome really fun pieces. She’s thinking of adding some gold touches along with either a leather cord or some chain and using them as teacher gifts for the end of the year!

I have a few more ideas I’d like to experiment with, but I think I want to get some nicer wood soon as well as work on painting them with pops of color.