On A happier note

I’ve involved myself in two knit-alongs for the month.

The first is the #23HarryPotterKAL from the Inside Number 23 Podcast. I am an HP fan from way back. Shortly after the books were released my mother started in on them and encouraged us girls to read them, too. And, of course, the rest is history. That said, I am definitely a fan, not a fanatic. Let’s ignore that I’ve made 4 HP scarves (3 Gryffindor – Keara, Anne, Olivia and 1 Ravenclaw for myself). Still, I went ahead and had myself sorted by Pottermore.

I’m still a Ravenclaw! And my wand is Poplar wood with a Phoenix feather core 10 ¾” and Rigid flexibility.

But for the KAL I’m going to do a mish-mash of two patterns, the first being Owlie. I’m going to have a single owl on the sides of each angle. Then I’ll do a Fish Lips Kiss heel & immediately dive, with scraps, into the Hogwarts House Cup pattern. Between the Owl & the scraps, I’m going to call them my Errol socks after the Weasley’s owl.

Try one at the pattern was top down and just wasn’t suiting me.

Try two was toe up, much better, but the colors weren’t great. And I was hating my decision to put some reverse stockinette in there.


Toe 3 & 4 are working for me!

Now all those cables aren’t going to go to waste. As I mentioned in the KAL post, I’ll be double dipping on my knitting and adding these to the 10,000 stitches KAL!


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